Re-Entering This School Year With Astoria Express Transit -COVID 19


Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath is one of the biggest challenges of our time. To keep operations going, we are adopting new ways of working that will help keep everyone safe.

Getting our students to and from school as safely as possible is as important as keeping them safe while they are in the school building. Students will be expected to follow the same safety protocols such as wearing masks, as they will in and around their school. 

Protective Face Coverings and Protective Equipment 

In accordance with New York State Department of Health (DOH), New York State Education Department (NYSED), and CDC recommendations, all students will be expected to wear a face covering (mask). If they do not have one, the bus operator will provide one. Drivers and attendants will also wear face coverings.


Where practicable and weather permitting, buses will operate with the windows open and with an air purifier on the bus. 

Disinfecting and Cleaning

Each night, all school buses will be cleaned and disinfected using CDC recommended cleaning and disinfection protocols.

School Buses Route Capacity

To the extent practicable, students will maintain social distance while riding school buses. Students from the same household may be seated together. Whenever possible, routes will be designed to reduce crowding using all vehicles available.

Student Health Screening 

Before sending children on a bus, family members are expected to screen their children’s health at home, including temperature checks, to make certain they are well enough to board a bus and attend school. 

Behavioral Expectations on Buses 

All children riding school buses should follow health and safety guidelines at all times.  If a student repeatedly fails to comply with health and safety protocol on the bus, the bus driver will notify the base for additional action that may need to take place for everyone’s safety .Ensuring that every child is safe is our top priority. A safe and supportive school bus transportation depends upon the efforts of all members, the parent/ guardian, child/ren, and the bus driver. 

  • Students should wear masks and stay in their seat for the duration of the bus ride.
  • A hand sanitizing station should be installed at the front of buses for use of students
  • Food/snacks  and beverages are not allowed to be eaten on the bus at any time. 
  • Windows and roof hatches will be open while operating the bus (weather permitting).